Friday, 21 November 2014

Ryvita Review

My taste buds were in over drive this week as I got to try two yummy flavours and they were yummy!

This January rather than your normal resolutions, why not try a healthy diet full of versatility instead.

1.Healthy Breakfasts : Crispsbreads Soldiers. Break a slice of your Ryvitas multigrain crispbread into soldiers and dip into a soft boiled egg for a delicious and nutritious breakfast.
I love this one it was really yummy with a lovely flavour.

2. Luscious Leftovers: Perfect cheese on toast crispbread. Why not try something new for lunch by adding a layer of grated cheese to sweet onion flavour.
were lovely and so perfect to have with cheese or ham yummy.

Ryvitas have been around since 1925 which is amazing by today's standards . So check out these flavour as they were so nice and well worth it.

Tetley Tea Review

So I have had a very interesting review this week for Tetley Tea. Now you can be forgiven in thinking how interesting can tea be! I was the same but was really surprised at how much I did learn.  I was really  amazed that tea tasters take at least five years to train, who would have thought it. We in the UK are used to the cute adverts on TV with the little Tetley people, but in real life there are a Tetley tea folk team. This consists of

A team of 47 skilled individuals based in the UK, India and Africa
909 years worth of experience combined
39,850 cups of tea tasted every week, from every tea growing country in the world!

So I think there are lots of hard working people out there making sure we get our cuppa's everyday.
 I got to try three types of tea lucky me!

The first was Green Tea with Mint.

This was a lovely fresh and gentle green tea with added mint for a nice cool edge. It really found it pleasant to drink and I think it would be so nice in the summer . Think I would make it cold and add some fresh mint and maybe fruit and make a punch type drink.

The second was Green Tea with mango and passion fruit.

Once again this was a combination of the fresh green tea with an exotic blend of mango and passion fruit, all deliciously tropical. I thought this one was yummy and fruity and like the mint I think it would be nice cold in the summer as well.

And last I got to tea Extra Strong.

This is a tea to drink when you need a lift. A blend of deep, full bodied Assam and brisk African tea, this has a strong bright colour and lively on the taste buds. Its perfect to have any time and would go with all kinds of foods.

If you are are really interested in the story of Tea got and visit the Tetley Tea web site as there is so much information for you to learn the tea story.

Please note I was not paid for this review , only receiving a sample of the product

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Wedding Memories

Well its Monday again and gosh the week just flies past. I am as always doing one of my fave link ups with Magic Moments. 
This week I thought I would share a little old school magic moments and embarrass myself  on the way lol. This is a picture of me taken in 1969 at my brothers wedding. I was the little one in the front I should add. I was 10 going on 11 and I was loving getting dressed up.
My mum made the dresses which were a lovely pale lemon, with a white over poker dot on the top. I had my hair up and lots of tiny flowers pushed into my hair. What you cant see by this picture, was that it was in January. It was very cold and very foggy and most of the pictures look like night time. Later we had a a great party next door in the church hall lol. No fancy venues in those days!
Many years later I myself was married ( 1979 ) in the same church, and my husbands parents were also married there. I think Pat was a beautiful bride and my mum made her dress as well!


The beautiful bride Pat and my brother Tony

The church holds lots of memories for me and It is nice that we could share all our wedding day from one place.
Have a lovely magic moment day x


Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Week One: Shake the Crave

So believe it or not its been a full week since I started the Shake the Crave 90 challenge. So I set off the week full of hope as you do on a new diet.
I have the chocolate Shake the crave and I have to say after a bit of fixing I can make a mean one now. I have a bullet machine which I find is great to mix up my shakes, but you can also at a push put it in a plastic bottle and give it a darn good shake.
I add a few ice cubes to mine and sometimes I may add a piece of fruit to make it a little thicker.
Its really easy to mix once you get the hang of it and the chocolate one tastes yummy! Id drink it even if I wasn't trying to lose weight lol.

I have health issues so fitness which is meant to be a big part of this challenge is hard for me. I did manage my walking DVD once and a short walk to my daughters. Not much I hear you say but huge for me, and little acorns so they say. I am hoping once I lose some weight things will get much easier for me and my health.
I have been replacing my breakfast and lunch with my Shake the Crave, and then in the evening have a proper meal. I try to drink plenty of water during the day, but as yet have not given up my much loved tea ! I only use a small amount of skimmed milk and no sugar so I think it will be fine.

I have to say that I have felt better this week. I suffer with chronic pain and at times you can feel very under the weather and worn out. I think I have had more energy this week and I would go so far as to say my pain has been better. Now is that just a coincidence or the shake I don't know? I think I am far too early into the 90 days to say. However, feeling better for what ever reason is good enough for me.
I find that when I have my shakes during the day for the most part I am fine and not over hungry. My issue comes after I have my proper meal, then I get hungry but once again that could just be evenings! Time on your hands, television you can see what I am saying. I have to be totally honest and say I have cheated a wee bit a couple of times but not badly.
I am hoping that as time goes on my body will adjust and with the help you can get from the Shake the Crave web site I can improve things.

So the time has come to reveal if I lost weight at all this week. So drum roll please good or bad

End Week one Wednesday 12th November 2014   Lost :  3 pounds !

yay me lol . I know that if those little cheats had not happened I would have lost more and also if I could have done my 30 Min's for fitness. Saying that I am happy as a weight loss is a weight loss. So onto week two and I will post my results next wednesday.

please note I was not paid for this review only receiving a sample of the product

The Times They are a changing!

I have decided Jollyjillys is changing! No don't panic its not a complete make -over , just a little fluff.
Ever since I started the blog I have been on a steep learning curve. I remember those long gone days when my niece Emma over at The syders started me off , I have been learning. I have gone from " why" to "yay" in a short few years.  Between Emma and my son Matthew I slowly found jollyjillys and started to grow my identity.
If you are wondering about the name and how I came about it there is a story lol. When Emma and her brother Sam were little they called me jilly. It was never Jill just jilly. Now most of the time I think I am jolly and upbeat. So there it was Jollyjillys was born.
My blogging journey has not been easy and there has been much to take in. I think I always will be learning , as there is always something to improve or find out about.  I also think you are never too old to learn, I am proving that lol.
I still seek advice and I like to try alone first but often I have to shout for help. I think that's ok as most other bloggers seem kind and will help if they can. I have been lucky enough to chat to lots of lovely people who have been kind and give me tips or hints when they can. Through reading posts I came across an event that lot seem to be chatting about. It was called BritMums live and it did look great. I considered going to this event but to be honest I was nervous and thought I really did not know enough to go. I thought it looked like the place to meet other bloggers and brands and to be able to improve my blog in the future.

I decided then and there that by next year I would go and be brave. Well it took yet another year before I got the nerve to consider it lol.  I wanted to push myself because I feel I learn so much. I also felt it would be wonderful and special to represent a brand at the event. Even though I am not a high profile blogger I still felt I could offer much to a company. I set myself a task to find that brand to work with, but also a brand that I believed in.  I had recently had used a wonderful site called
Lifestorybank, and thought it was a brilliant idea. Let me tell you a little about them and why I think its a great idea.
As I get older I am aware that I am the keeper of the family memories . My parents are long gone so are most of my older family members. I suddenly thought that if I passed away all my family history would be gone. Lifestorybank allows you to record and store those memories for the future, and its so easy to do. If I could offer you a tip I would say go over to Lifestorybank and check it out, its a fab company.

So when Lifestorybank wanted me to represent me at BritMumslive I was over the moon. I am delighted they have faith in me and I plan on doing a good job for them. I can't thank them enough and I will sit and store those memories so my history will not get lost.

So I have lots of plans and I am hoping to put them all in place. I will be outlining a few this week and I hope you think they are good ideas. I wanted to prove I can get better and make Jollyjillys a really good blog in 2015.
You can find out lots more about Lifestorybank at