Sunday, 17 May 2015


I am writing this post before I go off to bed to try and remember all the facts I need to . At present while wonderful father in law cat and house sits,  I am on holiday.  In fact a first family holiday with our Grandson Nathan. We are a party of 6 adults, one baby and two dogs lol.
So far the weather has be wonderful and we have enjoyed many sunny days which is pleasant.
We are staying at a lovely place in the Cotswold's called Lower Mill Estates. Our house is huge and rather fab

We are also staying with my daughter in laws parents who we just happen to get along with very well. It was a great chance for the two grandparents to spend a week with their grandson for the first time. Nathan was having a wonderful time lol

Granddad, Daddy and Nathan

Sitting having a lovely meal which everyone chipped in to make was just one hi light

Today we had a lovely day out in a beautiful location and even got to have a cream tea it was yummy

Its been lovely to stay with nice Friends and family who all get on
Sorry planned to write more but its too hard to fix her now lol

Silent Sunday:17/05/15

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Clairella Cakes Day

If you read my blog you will know one of my passions in life is Cake decorating. Funny thing is I hate to cook and for me to have got into a hobby such as this is really funny. A few years ago I thought it would be fun to do a cupcake day and from then on I was hooked. I wanted to learn more and more and then started to make cakey friends.
Then last year my then tutor told us about a couple of people from our area who were going to exhibit at Cake International. I was amazed at all the cakes and one was outstanding and so beautiful it really did catch the eye. This was when I was introduced to the amazing Claire Anderson from Clairella Cakes. She makes the most wonderful creations and every one she turns out is a master piece. I left a comment to say congrats and then when Claire was running a class I went along. Then I did a second with a guest teacher Bella Baking, then I was lucky enough to get to go along for another. It was extra special as it was a lady called Jayne's birthday so we got to sing to her and share a wee glass of bubbly !

Claire's classes are so much fun, but at the same time you learn so much it is a real delight. She is calm and kind and oh so patient which at times must be hard work lol. She has a fab classroom full of light to make everyone feel like an artist. Everything is provided and you just need to turn up and get started.
Drinks flow freely along with yummy treats so if you are going forget the diet. When lunch comes around ...... where do I start lol. Wonderful array of sandwiches , fruit , cake and all sorts to pick from. All freshly cooked and laid out along with tea or coffee or many different juices so spoilt for choice.

After lunch is is back to work but all the time with much laughter and fun, making it the most relaxed day possible. I always come home with a fab cake and also more skills to add to my list, and fired up as to my next creation . People come from all over to attend the classes and its well worth it!
If  you love to cake decorate you have to get along to Clairella for a class you so will not regret it at all.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Kallo Corn Cakes review

I really enjoy Rice cakes and I had two products to review this week.

Kallo Lightly salted wholegrain corn cake

This is a really yummy light and full of taste corn cake. Lovely for a light lunch with maybe hummus and sun dried tomato. Or cheese and pickle. Also I enjoy just snacking on them as they stop you feeling hungry without loading you up with calories .

Belgian Dark Chocolate with Orange Pieces.

This is a very think and like rice cake which is totally yummy and I have to admit I had the lot lol.
Covered in dark chocolate with a topping of orange pieces it was the perfect thing for me. Great for a sweet snack or to be a bit healthier when you family or friends are tucking into cake!
If you have not tried Kallo yet then do it today as they are really worth trying.
You can find more information at

please note I was not paid for this review only recieving a sample of the product

Thomas. J. Fudge's Review

Now I love a tasty biscuit or cracker and have been know to eat a whole packet lol. So when I got to sample a couple of ones I have never tried I was one happy girl!
Thomas. J. Fudge as a company have such an interesting past! They were started in1916 by their great great uncle Thomas . J. Fudge, a dapper chap with a distinctive moustache, he opened a bakery.
A rather remarkable bakery in beautiful, bountiful Dorset. His buns were buttery. His bread was brilliant. His biscuits were the business. And over 90 years later his family are continuing his remarkable work.
 Wow how great to have a company who has such history and its fab that they are still carrying on his work.
I got to try two products:-

Perfect Poppy and sesame Biscuits.

A lovely little heart shape bite of yummy ! Just a hint of sweet but so so yummy with cheese or as I found out just on their own. They did not last long I can tell you. Would be fab for hors d'oeuvre's with cheese or anything savoury and a nice glass of wine.

Multi Seed and Oat Crackers

A yummy thin cracker which would be fab to make a quick bite or for a tapas type supper. Would be lovely with cheese or meats or smoked fish. Or as above totally on their own lol
Both are suitable for vegetarians which is great.

You can find lots of information over at the web site but I hope you will try them as they really are yummy

please note I was not paid for this review only receiving a sample of the product

Monday, 11 May 2015

My Daughter and a New Life!

It's Monday so time to consider what makes us happy in life.
I know every mother out there thinks her child or children are beautiful and they are. No matter how old you children are you are just as proud of everything they do . I remember the days when they would bring home that funny little drawing, and even though you had no idea what it was, it would get stuck to the wall! That first smile, that first step its all there locked in your store of memories.
My children are grown-up now and I am still so proud of the people they have become. My oldest became a first time dad in Junelast year ,and we are so very excited at being grandparents.

My youngest has totally transformed her life in the last year , so much so I am amazed by it!
She had weight problems (like me) since she was younger. Once she gave up being a competitive dancer she gained even more weight. She was still beautiful but life is hard when you are big, everyday is a fight and I know that only too well.
Then she decided she could not cope any more and wanted to have a gastric bypass. I was worried as she was so big you hear of all kinds of things going wrong. I didn't have to worry as she sailed through and then set about losing all her weight..

As the weight dropped off her drive to make changes in her life came to the front. She wanted to be a Nurse. I have to be honest and I thought she was mad as she had no formal education after age 16. Credit to her she went away and researched the subject and found out how to go about it. She completed a higher education course and then started to apply to nursing schools.  We were amazed when she was excepted!

So fast forward to right now and boy am I proud of how much she has achieved in the last 15 months. She has lost 184 pounds or 13 st to us Brits, and so much more healthy and happy. She is in nursing school and doing well, something that never would have happened when she was larger. And in January became a mum for the first time .Its not been easy but I am so proud of her. I am so lucky to have two wonderful children who have grown up into wonderful adults.

Natalie before 

Natalie today