Monday, 19 September 2016

Lurpak and Game On,Cook Campaign

In my house we are Cook's by name but also Cook's by nature! Both my husband and I share a love of cooking. With him its general cooking and with me its baking. Its funny but up until a few years ago I hated cooking lol.
I was recently asked to take part in a campaign run by Lurpak. Now I did not need asking twice as I love Lurpak products and use them all the time. I was delighted to be given a £30  voucher to go and buy all my Lurpak and other products a real treat.
The Campaign states that that the average Brit spends more than five hours a week on social media looking at food culture but only 4 hours really cooking!

So Lurpak has come up with a new idea  with  Game on , Cooks Campaign which aims to tackle he problem head on by challenging Brits to turn off their screens and put the oven on. I think you will agree if you love to cook its so much fun creating your own dish.

So off I went to my super market for supplies! I knew it had to be cake because hey that's what I do best. I really love the Lurpak Cook's range and the cooking liquid is great for all cooking and I also like to use it to grease my tin. I then use a little flour and I find my cakes slip out of the tin with ease and no need to line.

I knew I was going to use my favourite recipe which is James Martins Madeira cake . Its a very easy one to follow and you get great results. I love to use Lurpak in cooking if I want it to be very special and it just tastes so good . I went for he unsalted and also the salted for my butter cream as I think it tastes the best!

I also got some of the spreadable as I was keen to see what was best. This type is great for everyday use as its super easy to use. I think you can use either but I went with the block butter this time.

I had to get all my other products with my voucher as well. Two bags of self raising flour, A bag of sugar, vanilla essence, baking power, 12 free range eggs,  As I had a chocolate ganache  under my fondant I had to buy double cream and chocolate. I like a 70% type but any will do I had to get 4 packs. Then I had to buy 4 packets of 500g's of sugar paste or fondant to cover with. A board to put it on as well. Altogether it came to £37.23 so I had to add a little, but that was fine.

Very soon it was baking. Once it was out I set about making it look fab as I could using the lovely butter to make the butter cream as well as the cake.  I think I did well with my £30 voucher plus the little extra,  and I do have some lovely Lurpak over to make something else, so watch this space. I hope you like what I made! Lucky for me I had my flowers already made and waiting for a yummy cake to decorate. I really enjoyed the Campaign and it made me think I must do more. Hubbie who is a past winner of a T.V cookery show said the same! He is already thinking of ways to use my spare Lurpak butter lol.

So jump over to the Lurpak web site at and join in the Campaign there are loads of fab idea for you to make !

Please note I was only given a £30 voucher in order to buy products for this post

Friday, 2 September 2016

Thomas J Fudge Crackers and Crispbread Review

Thomas  J Fudge is an all time fave with me! I have had the pleasure of lots of wonderful biscuits and crackers so I was keen to try the new range.
Ideal for those nights in and when you have friends round. The new Mini Wafers for nibbling and Cracker and Crispbreads for dipping and topping. Fab for your cheese if you are having a dinner party and even better to snack on.

The mini wafers come in three flavours:-

Punchy Jalapeno

 Containing paprika, cayenne pepper and real jalapenos. Small but with a huge bit of flavour. Not too hot but with a nice kick. Lovely with a dip

Thai Chilli

I really liked this flavour. So great and so light they melt in your month. Not hot at all but taste fab. I should add sorry the box is empty but they were so good I could not wait!!

Melty Cheddar

A lovely rich , buttery and cheese fix all in one go. So light and tasty I confess to eating the whole box to myself whoops lol

Almond and Cranberry/ Hazelnut &; Apple crackers

Yummy sweet and crunchy . Taste so yummy with a good mature cheddar, brie and slices of grape or apple. Look really fab and make them fancy or just run off with the whole box yourself.

Sunflower & Caraway/Pumpkin & sesame

This crackers are so versatile they can go with everything sweet and savoury. Add cheese and apple or avocado and bean dip, then enjoy.

Spelt Sourdough/Rye Sourdough Crispbread

Really nice and peppery once again fab with cheese. These are firmer and so easy to pile up with a yummy toppings like turkey and honey mustard.

The new Mini Wafer's along with the crackers & crispbreads RRP £2.25 will be available in Waitrose from now For lots more information about the  Thomas J Fudge range pop over to

please note I was not paid for this review only receiving a sample of the product 

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Celebrate Mexican Independence Day with Santa Maria!

This weekend is the UK last public holiday until Christmas, so it is always nice to celebrate another special day with yummy food. On the 16th September it is Mexican Independence Day, I am sure it is filled with lots of music and fun and great food.
Sadly we can't all be in Mexico so Santa Maria can help us to celebrate with its wonderful , authentic Mexican foods. Tasty taco to yummy fajitas, Santa maria have some easy and fast recipes so you can really get into the fiesta mood.

The first one to try is the  Fajitas. Really simple and easy to make perfect for family or for when you have friends round.Lovely mix of chilli, garlic, coriander and oregano, the Santa Maria Fajita seasoning mix really gives you the Mexican feel fast. You can use meat,fish or even just veg!

The other thing we got to try was the Santa Maria's pulled pork dinner kit.
Everything you need to make the most yummy pork centre piece dish. No cooking for hours and hours the dish can be ready in 90 minutes . Tasty mix of red onion and smoky chipotle BBQ sauce.

And last but not least was Tasty Tacos
A mix containing chilli, cumin and oregano and made to mix well with mince. Gives a really nice flavour not too hot but with a nice kick. There so many recipes you can truly make the dish your own.
We really love Santa Maria and I know we would be enjoying Mexican Independence day with one of all of these yummy things.
If you check out the Santa Maria web site you can find a whole range of products and ideas.

please note  I was not paid for this review only receiving a sample of the product

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

My cake Journey

I should start by saying I do not like to cook much and to end up loving cake decorating so much is fairly funny! Four years ago I started out with a cupcake course. We learnt how to bake and decorate cupcakes and I thought that maybe it was fun after all. I should point out I am serial learner! I love to learn new things and so off I went to college to do a year course which went on to a two year course. At first I thought I had made a huge mistake and had no natural ability at all, but I learnt and I listened and over the years I got better. Its a hobby I love and I hope any friends or family that  I make for knows how much love has gone into that cake. Is never too late to learn and you never stop learning. So  I thought I would share a few cake memories with you.
Happy cake decorating

Monday, 1 August 2016

True Love at Its Best

There has been an event in for my family in the last week.  Our youngest child , our daughter Natalie got married! It was a day that came at a very long road of over a year, planning and making and doing that had everyone busy.

It was a true love story in every sense as Natalie and Ian met when they were teenagers. He was the brother of a friend so they all hung out as friends. As they grew up their lives went in different directions although still friends.
Then a few years ago circumstances brought them together and love grew from that . Also from that love a beautiful little girl who melts the heart of anyone who sees her.
So on the 23rd July the pair became husband and wife after a week of making and doing.
They had picked a stunning venue New Hall Vine Yard with all the vines and and open fields. The barn was just that an empty barn, and we had the job of turning it into a beautiful room.

At first it seemed it would never happen but lucky we had lots of help from kind friends and family and slowly it started to look like a proper venue. By the time it was finished even I was amazed at how stunning it looked.

 I think the dance floor summed up the day.

Everything worked from the weather to photography by Amanda Collins photography . So stunning they made my daughter cry. I would like to say a huge thanks all our family and friends who could come it was wonderful to see so many. Some people travel far to attend and that is so great they could do that for them.
Thanks to all our dear helpers , Matthew, Les , Joy, Tony , Sandra , Sam , colin , Ben and wife, Richard  and Gail and Val for helping with Grace, Colin and pri .Thank you too on the day to Lynne and George for your help with getting the children to the church. If I missed anyone please forgive me we love you all.
Last before I share pictures of the day  I want to wish the New Mr and Mrs Lomax a very long and happy life together. May you always be as happy as this day. Love you more than words can say xxx

Thank you so much Lucy and New Hall Vine Yard and Amanda Collins Photography 

Monday, 18 July 2016

The Body Confidence Program

I am and have always been fighting with my weight. I have been very slim and big as I am now. I used to be able to lose weight with ease but as I have got older and had more medical issues its got harder and harder.
I was recently asked if I would like to take part in a lifestyle healthy eating plan by
Ru-tee at The Body Confidence Program. I went to the web site and was impressed by Ru-tee's experience in this area. After years of issues with her own body she developed her plan , not a diet but more a way of life. It is an 8 week online lifestyle transformation program based on optimising the body's natural circadian rhythm through diet and making small changes to how you live your life. Benefits are weight lose, increased energy , and confidence and promises 16 inch reduction.

So my journey began on saturday last week and I had all my solders in a line ready to go. I started with a 30 min phone call with Ru-tee who went over all the facts for us. The web site is well laid out and has all the meals and menus ready for you to see. There is also a handy print out shopping list which was great.  I will not lie in saying not the best week for me as my daughter is getting married on the 23rd and you can imagine the stress levels are high lol.
I went shopping and got everything I needed and so far its going good. I have had times when I felt unwell but Ru-tee has explained that will happen till your body gets rid of all the nasties.
I have taken some pictures of the meal which have been very nice so far.  So come back and check out how I am doing and wish me luck

Friday, 15 July 2016

Graze Freakshake Challenge

Well the weather has warmed up a little in the last few days so I was ready to make a nice healthy drink to enjoy. So when I had the chance to try the Graze Freakshake Challenge I thought way not.

The Graze company make a range of fab products for you to pick from. These are then boxed and posted out . They have over 100 tasty snacks ( with lots of health benefits) to choose from.

So the Graze Freakshake Challenge  is a great way of using some of their products in a different way.
So lets start with the recipe


1.5 cups coconut water
1 tbsp chia seeds soaked in 4 tbsps of water
1 tablespoon shredded coconut
¼ teaspoon ground turmeric
½ mango (frozen)
¼ cucumber
Juice of 1 lime
Juice of 1 lemon
4-5 ice cubes
Toppings: coconut yogurt, graze mango coconut granola protein topper, passion fruit spread and fresh fruit

Blend all ingredients into your blender until smooth. 
Pour into a cup or bowl. 
Top with fresh fruit & graze snacks. 

I made mine with my husband and all I can say it was so easy and simple and tasted so yummy!
I have a confession !!! I forgot to wait to take a picture of our shake as it was gone before  I thought it was so nice lol. So here is a picture of what it did look like

 We made ours as per the list but I am sure you could try other fruits to ring the changes or if you did not like mango.
I will be making it again for sure.
If you would like lots more information regarding Graze pop over to their web site at