Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Aldi Six Nations Championship Range

Now I am saying I am a huge sports person, but I love to watch from the comfort of my sofa! I love sports wear and its easy and on a relaxed weekend what more can you want. So if you are a dedicated fan or a comfort seeker then Aldi's Six Nation Range is for you.
All the items are official licensed products so great quality and colour. You can kit yourself out top to toe for any English/Scottish or Welsh fan. The range includes adults and children so making everyone happy. I was impressed with the quality of the items  I got to try and the price.

Rugby Fleece  £12.99

My husband was really happy with this . We felt the quality was great and a nice warm but not too heavy. Ideal for under a coat or on its own in warmer months. The size was really good ours was a size Large and it fitted my husband ok not loose but very wearable. Now considering he normal wears and XL or a 2XL the size was a little larger but still great. 

 Men's  Hoody £14.99
 Another great item. Very heavy and well made a nice quality product you would expect to pay much much more for. Once again great on size . For the price really amazing.

Children's T shirt £4.99
 This is a really good quality T shirt. Thick and soft you can feel it is made well. Lovely colour and I think it will really wash well. I think the children's may come up a little small.  I had 5/6age  and it fitted my grandson who is 4 well, but at this price buy a few to cover all the ages .

Rugby Beanie £4.99
Its still cold so I think its going to be a little while before we can forget these for the summer. Once again a quality product. Heavy and thick you can just tell it will keep your head warm anywhere. Stock up now for winter .

The whole range is available in store and online while stocks last from the 1st February. I would get them fast as its a really great quality range.

You can find out more about the range from the 28th at

Please note I was not paid for this review only receiving a sample of the products 

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Aldi Christmas Wines Review

Well Christmas is nearly here and I am sure everyone is rushing around trying to do all the last bits and bobs. I no I am but I will be making a visit to my local Aldi to top up on wine and beers for the big day. We enjoy the odd class or two and when the chance to trying some wine to then share with you we jumped at it. So we had three to try.

Greco di Tufo
  A really yummy white wine for Italy with flavours of passion fruit and lime. It was crisp and lovely and clean and fresh. Ideal for any meal really.

Maynards Pink Port

Very lovely fruity, raspberry wine. Totally yummy chilled and perfect to drink at any time but lovely with a sweet dish

Prosecco Superiore

This is  perfect for your Christmas Bubbles. Very light and refreshing with a yummy fruity taste. A really nice wine from Italy .
So why not get along to your local store and stock up so you can really push the boat out this Christmas.  For lots more information you can visit the web site at

Have a very Happy Christmas Everyone

please note I was not paid for this review only receiving samples 

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Aldi Ski Range Review

Aldi's new range of ski wear may come in handy if the weather predictions are right!  Or if you are lucky enough to be heading out to the slopes soon this range is just perfect for you also. Covering everything you need to take from all the layers right up to the outer wear Aldi have it ready and waiting. I got to try out the Crane Triangle ski jacket and the Crane Grey for my 3 year olds.  Yes style is important but more is the warmth, and waterproof layers. This lovely fleece-lined jacket its great for your little ones to stay warm.

So the facts

Cleaning Instructions
Do not dry clean
Full front YKK reverse nylon
Zip covered with lips
Hidden zipped ski pass pocket on sleeve
2 x zipped hip pockets covered with lips
Fixed adjustable 2-layer hood
Inside collar fleece and soft fleece lining
Lower body/sleeves/front with 190T lining
Cuffs with velcro adjuster
Snowbelt with anti-slip tape
Zipped mesh mp3 pocket with media port
Mesh goggle pocket
Elastic inner sleeve cuff with no thumb holes
All over padding (body 100g/sleeve 80g)
All seams taped
High loft wadding

This one looked fab on my granddaughter but I was too slow for a picture !!!

He loved it and wanted it on straight away !

My grandchildren loved them and although this is marked at a boys jacket I think it can be worn by a girl as well. Very good quality for the price and practical no only for skiing but also everyday wear.

In stores from today but be fast as I am sure they will not last long.

For my information check out the Aldi web site

please note I was not paid for the review only receiving a sample of the product

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

British Stiff Upper Lip

British Stiff Upper Lip now that is a phrase often heard but what does it really mean? Well traditionally is been used to describe British people being resolute and unemotional in the face of adversity. Does that also read that we are boring or carry no emotion? I am of the opinion that it does not mean that at all. I think I am emotional I am caring and kind as much as  I can be. However I am also guilty of pretending I can manage when deep down I am drowning . My favourite saying is ' I am fine don't worry' but really I mean help me please. So maybe I do suffer that 'Stiff Upper Lip' after all.

I think its great to be strong and stand up for what you think is right but not to say ' I am ok' when you are not. Seek help if you need and don't be too proud to as for it . I am going to work on that idea what wonder what you think about ' British stiff upper lip'?

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

New York Mini Maple Bagels

I love Bagels of any shape or size and the best are from New York Bakery  Co.  This week we got to try their  New Maple Mini Bagels. Yummy little bites of low fat goodness.

To make it all the better there is a competition to create a dish or creation around Halloween or Bonfire night for your family and friends.
Well its been a hectic couple of weeks here so not much time to really get my thinking cap on.
First my husband , my granddaughter and I enjoy some yummy chocolate while we came up with our idea.

So we decided on a yummy buttered bagels with a homemade custard. I cut them into half and buttered well . Then laid them face down and then made up a custard with eggs and milk and some sugar. This was poured over the top.
I then cooked it in the oven until the egg custard was set. Well I can tell you it was yummy and perfect for a chilly night  in bowls with maybe a dash of cream.

I am amazed at how much you can do with bagels and how many ways they can be served.
For lots more information hop over to the New York Bakery Co. And I would love to see your creations

Please note I was not paid for this post only receiving a sample of the product

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Special Edition Tilda Rice and ' Mums helping Mums' Campaign Review

As a mum I am always on the look out for a a great idea to help others.  So when I was asked to read about this worthwhile campaign I was very happy to do so.

Tilda rice has announced that they will be carrying on their work with the United Nations World Fod Programme in 2017. Global priority being given to the project ' Mums Helping Mums' campaign.

Tilda  'Mums Helping Mums' campaign is the start of a three year commitment helping the WFP's Mother 7 Child Nutrition programme. In September and October the Tilda will be donating nutrition boosting meals to new or expectant mothers where its needed most.  So for every specially marked pack of Tilda Pur Basmati 1kg and 5kg, and Tilda steamed Pure Basmati pouch, Tilda will provide at least one nutrition boosting meal, helping towards a better start for newborns. Tilda has a wonderful target of 1.9m nutrition boosting meals in 2017.

This will also be supported by a 'Mums Helping Mums' cookbook, featuring recipes donated by some of the UK's favourite mums and foodies, and also well known names.
The cook book is hopefully going to inspired UK mums to get in and start cooking. You can go to to download the cook book. It really is full  of yummy ideas and I would say they are not hard to make an do look tasty.

There was so many yummy ideas but we love a curry so went for
Anjum Anand's Cumin flavoured chicken curry.
The full recipe can be found in the cook book but it was simple and fast and we really enjoyed it.

So why not buy a Tilda special edition rice this week and every week. Not only is it great rice you will be helping mums all over the world to give their children the best start.

The cookbook and lots more information can be found at 

please note I was not paid for this item only receiving a sample of the product

Thursday, 21 September 2017

London Cocktail Week and Discover Kale Review

Say the word  'Cocktail' and you have my attention ! Who does not like the idea of that fancy little drink which is normal sporting a mini umbrella or fancy fruits.  So when I got the chance to try making cocktails at home to help celebrate London Cocktail week (2nd-8th October ) I was in.
With the help of  Discover Kale , a really fantastic site with tons of ideas to use the yummy vegetable Kale I was on my way.

Now I know normally you would not think of vegetables as being great in a cocktail but I was so surprised about how many ways you could use them. Plus Kale is one of my favourites so I was keen to find out more.
I also got to use a really lovely Gin that is new to me called Pin Gin, made by the Lincolnshire Premier gin company Bottomley Distillers.
First I got to taste the Gin and was surprised by its lovely smell and taste. You could taste cucumber and spice and every time I tried it I could pick up another yummy ingredient.

We made a Kale Collins which is like A Tom Collins but with kale.
We used our juicer which I have to be honest in saying its not been out in the light for some time !! We juiced a pack of kale down , the added in cucumber, ice, a teaspoon of sugar syrup, lime , and gin.  Put into our shaker and then a quick jig and it was ready. Strain into a glass and fill to top with soda or tonic water. Garnish with cucumber and you have all set. It was such a surprised as it tasted really fab. Refreshing and tastes great.

We also made some little shots Blue is Gin tonic and blue curacao
Red is Gin tonic bitters and Italian aperol
And Green in Gin lemonade and peppermint liqueur.

You must visit Discover Kale and it is such a great item. I was amazed at all the properties it has.

Anti Inflammatory
Omega fatty acids
Immunity and sustainable

 So I hope you will join in with London cocktail week and Discover Kale you will not regret it!