Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Lurpak cooks range

My husband love to cook and I am always on a diet or baking lol. So when I got a chance to try the new Lurpak cooks range I was very keen. I had two to try the first being

Cooking Mist

This is a blend of Lurpak with vegetable oil making it super easy to apply with no fuss. It is great on vegetables to oven roast, and ideal for the baking tins to make sure there is not sticking. Much healthier for you as you use so little, but great on taste. As with both products if you go over to Lurpak web site there are lots of yummy recipes to try out.

Cooking Liquid

This is had a lovely flavour but the vegetable oil stopped things from burning, Yummy to use with frying meat and fish and also once again great for those baking tins.

I found both super easy to use, had a great flavour and you did not have to use much. This last point has got to be good for health and your pocket !

So jump on over to its a long link but it will take you straight to all the information.

Please note I was not paid for this review only receiving a sample of the product

Monday, 24 November 2014

November SnapHappy:photo a day - Thank you

I thought I would start taking part in  photo challenge #SnapHappyBritMums. You are given photo prompts everyday to get you to think about taking more picture, well more picture in my case. So the theme for the 25th November is "thank you". I am sure that as busy people we forget to say those words to the ones we love, but it doesn't mean that we don't feel it. So I need to say a huge thank you to my family. My husband Kevin and my children Matthew and Natalie. I love you all so much and my heart is full of pride for you all. Never ever forget that xxxxxx

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Baby shower magic

I am a little late this Monday with joining up with The olivers madhouse linky. Normally I am ready and can't wait to share. This past weekend has been very busy as it was my daughter Natalie's baby shower. Its been an exciting year for us as a family. In June this year our first grandchild was born his dad being my son Matthew (my oldest) and his mum Karen. He came a bit early and even made his own baby shower lol. He had just arrived when my daughter told she was expecting a baby. Wow in the space of a week we had one grandson and another grandchild on the way lol.

Natalie has not always been well and there have been some worries during the pregnancy but thankfully things are going ok.
So this weekend was her baby shower and both my husband and I worked really hard to make a special day for her. She invited lots of friends and thankfully on the day lots turned up, there will always be people who say they are coming but for whatever reason can't on the day, which is always a worry but the numbers were good.

My husband was doing all the food ! he is an excellent cook and well used to cooking for lots of people so had no worries there. When all the food was laid out I think you will agree it looked fab.

My job was the cake and the decorations which I really enjoyed doing. I also had lots of helpers so the work went fast.

The kind climber is the future Uncle Colin and the guy in the blue shirt the future Daddy Ian. We had lots  of fun games which my daughter in law was in charge of and much fun had by all.

It was very hard work but I think Mummy and Daddy had a good time and so did all the guest I hope.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Ryvita Review

My taste buds were in over drive this week as I got to try two yummy flavours and they were yummy!

This January rather than your normal resolutions, why not try a healthy diet full of versatility instead.

1.Healthy Breakfasts : Crisps breads Soldiers. Break a slice of your Ryvitas multigrain crispbread into soldiers and dip into a soft boiled egg for a delicious and nutritious breakfast.
I love this one it was really yummy with a lovely flavour.

2. Luscious Leftovers: Perfect cheese on toast crispbread. Why not try something new for lunch by adding a layer of grated cheese to sweet onion flavour.
were lovely and so perfect to have with cheese or ham yummy.

Ryvitas have been around since 1925 which is amazing by today's standards . So check out these flavour as they were so nice and well worth it.

Tetley Tea Review

So I have had a very interesting review this week for Tetley Tea. Now you can be forgiven in thinking how interesting can tea be! I was the same but was really surprised at how much I did learn.  I was really  amazed that tea tasters take at least five years to train, who would have thought it. I think the role of the tea taster is so interesting and if you would like to more then go to.

We in the UK are used to the cute adverts on TV with the little Tetley people, but in real life there are a Tetley tea folk team. This consists of

A team of 47 skilled individuals based in the UK, India and Africa
909 years worth of experience combined.

So I think there are lots of hard working people out there making sure we get our cuppa's everyday.
 I got to try three types of tea lucky me!

The first was Green Tea with Mint.

This was a lovely fresh and gentle green tea with added mint for a nice cool edge. It really found it pleasant to drink and I think it would be so nice in the summer . Think I would make it cold and add some fresh mint and maybe fruit and make a punch type drink.

The second was Green Tea with mango and passion fruit.

Once again this was a combination of the fresh green tea with an exotic blend of mango and passion fruit, all deliciously tropical. I thought this one was yummy and fruity and like the mint I think it would be nice cold in the summer as well.

And last I got to tea Extra Strong.

This is a tea to drink when you need a lift. A blend of deep, full bodied Assam and brisk African tea, this has a strong bright colour and lively on the taste buds. Its perfect to have any time and would go with all kinds of foods.

If you are are really interested in the story of Tea got and visit the Tetley Tea web site as there is so much information for you to learn the tea story.

Please note I was not paid for this review , only receiving a sample of the product

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Wedding Memories

Well its Monday again and gosh the week just flies past. I am as always doing one of my fave link ups with Magic Moments. 
This week I thought I would share a little old school magic moments and embarrass myself  on the way lol. This is a picture of me taken in 1969 at my brothers wedding. I was the little one in the front I should add. I was 10 going on 11 and I was loving getting dressed up.
My mum made the dresses which were a lovely pale lemon, with a white over poker dot on the top. I had my hair up and lots of tiny flowers pushed into my hair. What you cant see by this picture, was that it was in January. It was very cold and very foggy and most of the pictures look like night time. Later we had a a great party next door in the church hall lol. No fancy venues in those days!
Many years later I myself was married ( 1979 ) in the same church, and my husbands parents were also married there. I think Pat was a beautiful bride and my mum made her dress as well!


The beautiful bride Pat and my brother Tony

The church holds lots of memories for me and It is nice that we could share all our wedding day from one place.
Have a lovely magic moment day x